Welcome to dv01, the reporting and analytics platform that brings transparency and insight to lending markets. You can use our platform to gain insight into billions of dollars of securitizations and more than $104 billion of consumer, small business, real estate, auto, and student marketplace loans, comprising over 90% of the total market. 

With dv01, you can:

  • Efficiently research, compare, and monitor the performance of both whole loan and bond marketplace investments
  • Access several asset classes on one platform, including mortgage, consumer, SME, real estate, auto, and student loans
  • Easily manage leverage facilities across all parties
  • Analyze large datasets in seconds, including loan-level drill down 
  • Download updated loan tapes and strat reports 
  • Directly access dv01 Data Direct, a managed database of normalized data
  • Understand risk exposure and performance of bonds
  • Track the evolution of a securitization over time 

To get started, we recommend exploring the platform and the following links:

  • Securitizations brings loan level transparency to securitizations, leveraging up-to-date loan level data and a suite of reporting and analytics tools to deliver a comprehensive solution designed for the needs of securitization investors. 
  • Market Surveillance provides interactive analytics and reporting for the largest MPL platforms, CRT, and more, with performance history dating back to 2007. 
  • Portfolio Surveillance is an online portal providing streamlined portfolio reporting and market data.
  • Intelligence enables you to explore new ways to compare pools, create curve sets, and more.
  • Cross-Product Tools houses an assortment of articles on accomplishing specific tasks across multiple dv01 products.
  • dv01 Glossary for details on the myriad data fields available on the dv01 platform.