Welcome to dv01, the one-stop shop for accessing and analyzing standardized loan-level data and analytics.

With over 79 million loans, 670 securitizations, and $3.9 trillion in notional balance across consumer unsecured, mortgages, point of sale, small business, auto, and student loans, dv01 is building the most comprehensive loan data library across lending markets and empowering the capital markets with world-class tools to make safer data-driven decisions.

With dv01, you can:

  • Efficiently research, compare, and monitor the performance of both whole loan and bond marketplace investments
  • Access several asset classes on one platform, including consumer unsecured, mortgages, small businesses, student loans, point of sales, and autos.
  • Easily manage leverage facilities across all parties
  • Analyze large datasets in seconds, including loan-level drill down 
  • Download updated loan tapes and strat reports 
  • Directly access dv01 Data Direct, a managed database of normalized data
  • Understand risk exposure and performance of bonds
  • Track the evolution of a securitization over time 

To get started, we recommend exploring the platform and the following links:

  • Tools outlines specific app pages and articles on accomplishing different tasks within the app. 
  • Glossary & Methodologies for details on how certain metrics are calculated and more.