The dv01 Collateral Strats page allows you to configure the columns shown in strat tables, as well as the order in which they are displayed. 

Step 1

The Edit Columns button launches a Column Editor modal window that allows you to select which columns are shown on the strats and rearrange the columns to your preference. Initially, this window shows the default columns in the default order. 



In addition to the default strats, there's an extensive list of alphabetically ordered columns/data points from which to choose. 


Step 2

To reorder columns, click and drag the icon next to a given strat. In the below example, Gross Weighted Average Coupon (GWAC) has been re-ordered so that it will be displayed to the left of the Loan # column in the strat table(s). Click the “Save Column Configuration” button to apply your changes and close the window.




Back on the Strats page, you can verify that the GWAC column moved.