The dv01 Securitization dashboard provides an overview of Securitization market issuance activity along with a searchable and clickable list of all deals available on the dv01 platform. It's available by clicking on the Securitization icon on the lefthand navigation.

The search bar at the top of the deal list allows you to search by deal name, vintage, CUSIP, platform, underwriter, and closing date. To see the deal details for a particular securitization, click on the deal name. 

Issuance Volumes

The Issuance Volume bar chart shows Consumer Unsecured securitization volume across years, with the legend of issuers appearing in the table below. The Total Issuance control shows the issuance data for prior years in the table, and also restacks the bars in the order indicated by the issuance volume in the selected year.

Collateral Characteristics Distributions

The lower part of the left side of the Dashboard presents a joy plot showing the distribution of a selected characteristic in the securitization issuance in prior quarters. The joy plot initially shows the distribution of FICO for the aggregate All Market (all originators) issuance of each prior quarter; this plot can be limited to a specific originator using the left "Originator" dropdown. You can also select an alternate characteristic using the "Distribute By" dropdown on the right.