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Following the same logic as the rest of the application, the pool selector is organized primarily along product lines and also includes a section entitled Multi-Select. Asset classes are separated within each product section, and saved pools have been broken out for easy access. We've also integrated a robust search feature to help you locate pools quickly.

Each product line will only show pools related to that specific product, while Multi-Select allows you to select multiple pools that can be combined and evaluated using our Intelligence product offering. Multi-Select presents all possible options on one screen, organized by platform/originator and asset class. Using the blue Compare button in the individual product lines or by navigating directly to Intelligence, all you have to do is simply select the pools you want to compare and apply.

Choosing a Pool within a Product Line

Click on the green pen icon next to the pool name.

Choose the tab corresponding to your desired asset class, select a single pool, then hit apply. Note that you can also use the search bar to narrow down the choices within a single tab/asset class.

Comparing Pools in Intelligence

If you are using a tool within a Product Line that allows for multiple pool comparisons, you will see a blue Compare button next to the selector. Clicking Compare allows you to select other pools using the Multi-Select view, and applying your choices will redirect you to the Intelligence section.

In addition to looking at single pools, there are two ways to evaluate multiple pools within the app. The "Combined Pool" feature combines individually selected pools into a larger single pool, which is backed by the collateral of each underlying deal/pool/etc. In contrast, applying multiple pools as a "Pool Set" allows you to compare multiple pools at once without commingling the collateral; this allows you to keep each pool distinct and separate within the analysis.

Choosing Pools for Comparison

Within a product line, click the blue Compare button next to the current selected pool.

Click on the selector next to the name of the pool(s) you want added, then click “Apply as a Combined Pool” or “Apply as a Pool Set”.

Saving Pool Sets and Filters

You can save a filter set by itself, or save a filter set along with your configured pool/platform(s).

Applying Saved Pools

Any custom pools that you create and save can be accessed from the “Saved Pools” section.