Main Landing Page

Upon logging in, you'll see a customizable dashboard displaying tables of datasets organized by asset class and product line, as well as a list of recently published reports. You can hide a card by using the icon in the upper right hand corner; to see the card again, select it from the Add a Widget menu.

Core App Navigation
The dynamic lefthand navigation bar expands and collapses as needed, allowing you to explore our full suite of products (which are helpfully grouped at the top of the navigation bar).

  • Securitizations
  • Portfolio Surveillance
  • Credit Facilities
  • Intelligence & Market Surveillance
  • Tape Cracker
  • Data Direct

Whereas the first three products are specific to single pool evaluations, dv01 Intelligence is a centralized product line for performing in-depth analysis on multi-pool comparisons. You can click any of these to be taken straight into the product, and they can also be accessed via our Pool Selector (more on that below).

dv01's Tape Cracker is a self-contained product, used as a data wrangling tool powered by machine learning for ingesting, mapping, and formatting loan datasets originating from multiple sources. Below that is Data Direct

our data-as-a-service product that enables you to perform powerful analyses outside of the dv01 web app by seamlessly integrating the normalized data into your internal reporting processes.

The icons on the bottom of the nav contain Help and Support links and the Logout function.

Navigating Inside Core Product Lines

In Securitizations, Portfolio Surveillance, and Intelligence, a tabular secondary navigation system allows you to explore the different pages and tools. A clickable trail of "breadcrumbs" on each page also provides at-a-glance confirmation of your current location with the app.

Navigating Inside Tape Cracker
Tape Cracker is a workflow-dependent product for working with your own data, and therefore organized differently from our core offerings. Once a dataset (or "loan tape") is selected or newly imported, you can move it through the rest of our Tape Cracker tools. Return to My Tapes to select a different dataset.

Using Pool Selector to Navigate Through the Core App

The Pool Selector is used to change datasets within the core app, and can be accessed by clicking the green pen icon next to the pool/platform name (or via the blue Compare button).

Clicking the pen icon launches the Pool Selector window, organized primarily along product lines. Asset classes are separated within each product section, and we've also helpfully broken out your saved pools for easy access. The search feature helps locate pools quickly.

Selecting Multiple Datasets

Selecting more than one dataset will present two options: Apply as a Combined Pool or Apply as a Pool Set (detailed below). Clicking either will take you to Intelligence.

A Combined Pool (shown below) contains individually selected pools grouped into a single large pool and is backed by the collateral of each underlying dataset.

In contrast, applying multiple pools as a Pool Set (shown below) allows you to compare multiple pools at once without commingling the collateral, keeping each dataset distinct and separate within the analysis. You will see a pill displayed for each selected dataset. Use the green Add/Edit Pools button to change your selected datasets.