Pool Creator allows you to start with a single pool or a combination of multiple pools, and then progressively filter the pool by certain attributes until you have created your desired custom pool. The resulting pool can be saved and used to compare against other pools on Strat Compare, Historical Compare, and Loan Age compare within the Intelligence section of our app.

Creating a custom pool is quick and easy:

1. Choose the pool(s) that will make up the base for your new custom pool. You can select as many pools as you want, or filter down a new pool from a single existing pool. In this example, our base pool is comprised of every CAS mortgage deal, all of which are currently available on dv01.

2. Create the rules for the filters you want to apply. Each applied rule may consist of one or more individual attributes. The open filter menu below shows the attributes available in the Pool Creator Beta (additional filter attributes are forthcoming).

3. Apply the rules to base pool. Rules are applied sequentially, and data for each cohort of rules are displayed. The blue data health bar allows you to quickly assess the size of each rule set relative to the size of the larger base pool, along with that cohort's original balance and current balance. The green data health bar at the bottom of the Total Loans column displays the proportion of loans from the base pool that will ultimately make up your new custom pool. Note that this is not a summation of the total loans in each rule cohort, as some loans will fall into multiple rule cohorts (in this example, a single current status loan with an OFICO of 715 from 2018-Q1 would be counted as part of each rule set).

4. Give your new custom pool a name, then save it. The remaining loans that comprise your new pool (based on the application of the rules applied in step 3) are shown in the loan tape card on the left; loans that have been removed from the base pool (and are thus excluded from your new pool) are shown on the right.

Your saved custom pool will appear in the Pool Selector under Saved Pools.

Your newly created pool can now be used in Intelligence on Strat Compare, Historical Compare, and Loan Age Compare. In this example, we can perform a Strat comparison of our new pool against a single 2018 CAS deal.