Loan Tape Export is a simple way to export and download customized dv01 files in .XLS and .CSV formats, allowing you to seamlessly transmit these files into third party apps. In addition to exporting dv01's data, Tape Export also gives you the ability to customize your export: you can select and sort data columns, rename data column headers, and even create saved export templates for repeat use on uploaded tapes and configured pools. 

The Tape Export feature is currently supported on the Loan Tape page in Securitizations.

Exporting a Tape

To start the export process, click Tape Export on the Loan Tape page. This will trigger the Tape Export window. Using the checkboxes, you can select which columns you want to include in your custom export, and rename the column headers in the New Field Name section if desired. Using the icons on the righthand side, you also have the ability to reconfigure the order in which the columns will appear in your exported file. When you’re ready, click Export to trigger the file download.

You also have the option to save your export settings as a customized template for future use; simply give your template a name, configure your settings, and click Save.

Saved Templates

Pre-saved export templates can be found under the Saved Templates tab. Select the one you wish to use, and click Export. Your download will start immediately.