State-of-the-art mortgage tech to ingest, normalize, format, and analyze loan tapes

Tape Cracker alleviates the tedious and manual work of standardizing loan data, freeing up investors’ time for more data analysis. Built on sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Tape Cracker gets smarter and faster at mapping field headers as more datasets are ingested and mapped. Even better, investors can collaborate, compare tapes, run cashflows, share strats externally, and easily export files to seamlessly integrate into proprietary applications or to deliver standardized files to third parties.

Feature Highlights

  • Build & filter custom pools to compare versions of the same dataset 
  • Create custom fields and calculations, then re-use across any tape
  • Filter and create custom fields to generate strats, then share
  • Flexible data formatting & standardization, with built-in validations
  • Intelligently convert percent/decimal fields to a standardized format
  • Auto-map file fields to dv01 fields using machine learning, with the ability to manually map
  • Share deals between users across your organization
  • User-friendly, tech-first interface
  • SOC2; Type II compliant

Streamline the mapping of loan tapes from different sources

Consolidating data from multiple sources is error-prone and time consuming. dv01 uses machine learning to continually improve the accuracy of our field mapping algorithm, making the tape cracking process progressively faster. We will suggest matches for new fields while also remembering your preferences and automatically applying matches from previous files.

Mitigate and rectify inaccuracies caused by inconsistent, faulty, or missing data

Our extensive list of built-in data validations recognizes bad data, missing values, and inconsistent formatting, allowing you to easily identify and resolve errors. Creating custom fields and performing advanced calculations is quick and painless with dv01’s easy-to-use formula guide.

Quickly apply calculations in bulk across fields

Tape Cracker speeds the tape cracking process by allowing the bulk application of calculations across fields, alleviating the tedium of manually running calculations on individual fields. Whether it’s an unmatched field or an invalid data point, dv01’s intelligent error handling makes quick work of uncovering and fixing irregularities in the data. This extra layer of analysis complements the use of strats as a measure of data health.

Eliminate the need to move between multiple platforms

Most tape cracking solutions draw the line at generating strats or Excel reporting, requiring users to go back and forth between various software programs. Tape Cracker is the industry’s first and only all-in-one solution, integrating seamlessly into our suite of product offerings. Join new and existing tapes, compare existing tapes, run cashflows and strats, then share your results via dv01’s customized tape export controls and templates.

A platform made for collaboration

In addition to customizable export and export template capabilities, Tape Cracker enables you to share mortgage pools between users across your organization by saving a file in a shared environment on the dv01 web app. Or, take it one step further and share customized strats externally via a hyperlink. Simply crack a tape, generate the link, and share.