Loan level data delivered directly to your organization in a clean, easy-to-use format

Data Direct is our Data as a Service (DaaS) offering, providing a daily direct connection to up-to-date, standardized and normalized loan level data.

Investors consistently spend too much time dealing with data and not enough time analyzing it. dv01’s Data Direct takes the headache out of working with fragmented data sources and inconsistent servicing and report standards. With direct integration into dozens of major providers and a comprehensive data standardization and unification pipeline, dv01 provides clean data for all reporting and analytics needs.

Feature Highlights

  • Standard output across hundreds of data sources covering a multitude of deals, platforms, and datasets
  • Hosted secure FTP and database servers accommodate any workflow
  • Superset of the data available in the online portal
  • Monthly roll up to make performance calculations like CPR/CDR easy
  • Automated data quality checks
  • Access multiple datasets in one location
  • 200+ jobs running on a daily basis, processing 1.2 billion rows of data nightly
  • Loan tape validation and delivery

Automated, simplified processes

dv01 connects directly with issuers, trustees, servicers, and originators to receive loan level data feeds, then cleans and formats the data so you don’t have to. Both a secure FTP server and a hosted database are automatically updated with the latest loan information so you can make smarter decisions, faster. Accessing standardized loan tapes and data produced by dv01’s calculation engine makes generating performance curves like CPR/CDR a piece of cake.

Clean, accurate data

Our automated data validation engine verifies that data adheres to all internal and external requirements, guidelines, and policies. dv01 has built-in checks to identify when data does not arrive as expected and when data seems anomalous.

Up-to-date data, delivered daily

dv01's flexible data infrastructure allows us to accept data directly from our providers in a variety of formats. Our streamlined ETL process guarantees that all data starts being processed as soon as we receive it, giving you access to the most recent data available.

Streamline data-heavy activities 

With multiple ways to access your data, Data Direct accommodates any workflow. Use our standardized data to seamlessly execute reporting in Excel, run analytical tests in Python, directly integrate into RStudio, and more.

Customizable solutions

With Data Direct, you are able to implement your own solutions using data you can trust. Enhance your organization’s ability to analyze, collaborate, and innovate.