Tape Cracker Strats displays an array of stratification tables based on loan tape data imported via Tape Cracker. The default set of primary strats are fully editable, with the option to create a secondary level strat breakdown. 

Tape Cracker Strats offers the same dynamic stratification functionality found in other dv01 product lines, with a few key differences. Because TC Strats works only with data imported directly by users, the standard set of dv01 strat attributes may not always be available in a given tape; therefore, the primary default strat attributes are ones that are commonly found across all imported loan tapes.

Accessing Tape Cracker Strats

TC Strats can be accessed via the Tools tab in the Tape Cracker product line.


Using Tape Cracker Strats

1. Select an imported tape

  • Any tapes that have been through the entire import process (by any user within your organization) will be available in the dropdown.
  • If you don't see your desired tape in the dropdown, it's because the tape has either not completed the import process, or is still being built by our database.

2. Configure strats

  • The columns displayed in each strat table can be configured and re-ordered (see Custom Column Selection).
  • Configure the band sizes applied to quantitative attributes such as DTI, FICO, and loan coupon/GWAC (see Custom Stratification Bucketing)
  • To remove a strat table, click the red 'X' next to the attribute name. 
  • To add a strat table, click the green "Add New" button and select an option from the dropdown menu.
    • Note that dropdown menus throughout dv01's platform support typeahead indexing, enabling use of the keyboard to rapidly scroll to the desired item.

  • The above screenshot shows two primary strat tables along with a secondary strat attribute.