Comprehensive automated warehouse reporting and analytics on demand

dv01’s Credit Facility Management product offers lenders and borrowers an efficient and cost-effective credit facility reporting solution, fully customized to meet the requirements of any lending facility. The product leverages dv01’s reporting, analytics, and data visualization tools to streamline more traditional reporting requirements in Excel and deliver a comprehensive solution for both borrowers and lenders.

Our automated dashboard is updated regularly to show eligibility criteria, excess concentrations, triggers, newly added collateral, and more. When coupled with our Portfolio Surveillance offering, a user is able to move seamlessly from reporting to analysis of the collateral pool. 

Reporting Features

  • On-demand and expedited borrowing base generation
  • Monthly Servicing Report preparation, including waterfall and trigger calculations 
  • Eligibility criteria, concentration limit, and trigger monitoring
  • Time series based and on-demand loan tape generation
  • Independent Borrowing Base and Monthly Servicing Report validation and reconciliation 
  • Verification Agent services
  • Ongoing commitment to rolling out new front-end features & functionalities

Expansive Functionality

Daily borrowing bases, monthly reporting, and collateral analytics via our web portal with a one-stop shop for all credit facility needs currently in development.

Facility Overview

Provides a visual and quantitative view of the collateral balances, O/C, borrowing base value and liabilities, with the ability to view data over time.

Advance Rate Criteria 

The ability to account for multiple advance rate criteria or model-based advance rates.


An overview of ineligible receivables associated with each eligibility criterion.

Concentration Limits 

Tracking each concentration limit and the size of any breaches.


Trigger monitoring including loss triggers, DQ triggers, excess spread triggers, and others.

Extensive Toolkit

Tools for comprehensive collateral analysis, including the ability to cut a customized loan tape.