An online portal providing streamlined portfolio reporting and market data

dv01’s Portfolio Surveillance solution offers a full suite of built-in visualization and analytical tools at your fingertips. Quickly and efficiently pull up portfolio composition reporting tools, advanced charting, performance metrics, and loan level cashflow scenario analysis. Whether you need a high-level overview of your portfolio or a deep dive into the loan level details, simply login to dv01 and get started.

dv01 is a reporting and analytics platform that brings transparency and insight to lending markets—making them more efficient for institutional investors and safer for the world. As a hub between lenders and capital markets, dv01 provides one source of standardized data for platform datasets, whole loan portfolios, and bonds, maximizing transparency for all market participants. 

Feature Highlights

  • State-of-the-art analytics and reporting with easy access to loan level detail
  • Review, create, and save custom stratification reports
  • End-to-end data management, providing consistency, validation, and security 
  • Elimination of redundant data loading and scrubbing operations
  • Automation of primary workflows, elimating Excel and manual work from critical operations

Portfolio Surveillance

Analyze the composition and performance of your portfolio with the added ability to run loan level cashflows. Review the composition of various delinquency status buckets and filter on a wide variety of attributes. Quickly chart portfolio performance and compare against platform datasets, securitizations, and/or other whole loan pools. Export customized loan tapes of your portfolio or share pools seamlessly through dv01 with ease. 

Performance Analytics

Fast answers to complex questions involving loan composition, performance, and credit metrics—all exportable via PDF & Excel. Analyze various cohort performance in seconds with the ability to plot CPR, CDR, cum loss, cum charge off, cum prepay, roll rates, and more. Filter and segment loan pools to evaluate past performance and identify key risk areas, or drill down further for loan level diligence. 

Cashflow Projections

Multi-scenario cashflow analysis on any pool of consumer unsecured loans on the dv01 platform. Nearly instant cashflow projections with the ability to download all collateral level cashflows in Excel or access via API. Instant re-pricing on our interactive output screen makes eliminates the need to re-run the simulation just to change yield or spread assumptions. 

Access Loan Data

Access standardized and normalized data to perform custom analyses in house. Our managed database provides direct SQL access to all the loan level data, available in our online portal.