Loan level securitization data with built-in reporting, visualization, and analytics tools

dv01’s Securitizations offering brings loan level transparency to securitizations, leveraging up-to-date loan level data and a suite of reporting and analytics tools to deliver a comprehensive solution designed for the needs of securitization investors. 

dv01 has provided investors with insight into $65+ billion of securization data across multiple asset classes, including mortgages, online lending, and student loans. All data is hosted on our platform, in which we offer investors 24/7 access to a reporting and analytics portal populated with loan-level securitization data. 

Feature Highlights

  • $65+ billion of securitization coverage
  • 270+ securitizations on our platform
  • 35+ mortgage securitizations, ranging from non-QM to RPL and second lien deals
  • Direct integration with the largest online lenders
  • Easily create, review, and export loan strats, checking credit metrics across loan statuses
  • Compare deals across different origination vintages using our Deal Age Compare feature


dv01 connects directly with issuers to receive loan level data feeds


dv01 normalizes, formats, and rolls up data for monthly reporting for the trustee


Investors receive access to dv01’s platform, where they can review a summary of all accessible deals populated with deal-specific details and updated loan level data


Using built-in reporting and visualization tools, investors can gather insights on collateral composition and performance in seconds


Investors use dv01’s complimentary cashflow engine to create curve sets and run cashflow projections, streamlining the entire workflow


Download and export updated loan tapes directly through dv01’s web portal