Comprehensive, timely, and verified reports—minus the grunt work

dv01’s monthly reporting and reconciliation offering provides investors comprehensive, timely, and verified summary metrics on a variety of loan pools. This offering leverages dv01’s state-of-the-art data infrastructure pipeline and data expertise gained through dv01's integrations with the largest online originators.

As a hub between lenders and capital markets, dv01 provides one source of standardized data for platform datasets, whole loan portfolios, and bonds, maximizing transparency for all market participants. 

Reporting Features

  • Standard Excel- and PDF-based reporting template across originators and servicers

  • Elimination of redundant data loading and scrubbing operations 
  • Automation of primary workflows, eliminating Excel from critical operations
  • Extensive suite of automated data validations
  • Support for underlying loan tapes 
  • Option to utilize dv01’s standard reporting template, or customize your own (including support for customized reporting)

Originator coordination

dv01 works directly with originators to set up and ensure timely delivery of daily pool-level data, eliminating the need for clients or other involved counterparties to collect, aggregate, and maintain the reporting package on their end. 

Data aggregation

dv01’s data pipeline aggregates all information across hundreds of files for a given calendar month/collection period. 

Comprehensive data summarization

Users receive a rolled-up, comprehensive summary of any given pool for each reporting period, including:

  • Rolling starting to ending balance, reconciling these values against payments, charge-offs, and any other activity occurring in the period that affects balances.
  • Summarizing both active and inactive loans, broken out by delinquency buckets, as well as charged-off, fully paid, cancelled, and sold loan statuses.
  • Aggregating payment and collections activity with a full summary of principal, interest, fees, and recoveries/debt sale proceeds received, as well as all fees paid.

Data validation

dv01’s automated data validation engine performs an extensive suite of validation processes to identify potential raw data errors or inconsistencies. 

Post reporting follow up

dv01 coordinates with users, and other counterparties where appropriate (e.g. trustees, fund administrators, etc.), to address any additional questions or requirements needed to supplement the reporting materials.