Interactive analytics and reporting for the largest MPL platforms, CRT, and more

Dive deeper into loan performance with dv01's Intelligence tool. Users can access a full suite of built-in visualization tools – great for high level overviews, as well as granular, in-depth analysis. Review collateral composition, analyze performance trends, input user-defined prepayment assumptions to generate cashflows, and create unique exportable reports complete with visualizations in a matter of seconds.

With dv01’s Intelligence tool, investors have access to a full suite of built-in visualization tools, meaning complex questions involving loan composition, performance metrics, and credit metrics no longer require a team of analysts or several days of manual work. Whether you’re looking to gain a high level overview of one originator or do in-depth reporting on several, simply log in and get started. 

Feature Highlights

  • Explore over a dozen of the datasets covering mortgages, consumer unsecured and small business lending
  • Dive into the full library of CAS and STACR deals, via our CRT offering
  • Additional market research datasets across multiple asset classes to be added in the near future
  • Elimination of redundant data loading and scrubbing operations
  • Automation of primary workflows, eliminating Excel from critical operations on hundreds of millions of records
  • Compare performance, pool composition, credit metrics, and more across multiple data sets as well as utilizing the core performance and strat functionality in a high-powered way

Platform Monitoring

High-level overviews of each platform dataset, with immediate insights into loan pool composition, performance, and credit metrics across different vintages. Expore each pool in greater detail, leveraging a wide range of tools to generate customizable strats, examine the movement of loans across delinquency statuses with the transition matrix, or run various scenarios on specific cohorts with cashflows.

Performance Analytics

Fast answers to complex questions surrounding performance metrics, with the ability export and share in PDF and Excel or save views and pools for future analysis. Analyze performance across platforms, including prepayment/CPR, default/CDR, losses, ROI, NAR, and roll rates. Leverage the powerful filtering and grouping functionality to create cohorts and further evaluate performance and perform due diligence.