What’s changing?

The historical performance tool has long been a powerful way for tracking the differences in key performance metrics—including CPR, CDR, losses, delinquencies, and cashflow scenarios—on a period-by-period basis. 

Whereas the previous table had basic functionality, the new enhanced table interface now presents data in a more efficient and customizable format, making it easier for you to derive actionable performance insights.

  1. Easily compare datasets month over month - Months are now represented as columns, allowing you to easily compare side-by-side datasets over a given time period.

  2. Individual metrics are grouped together by category - Identify trends in CPR, CDR, delinquencies, and so much more across multiple pools. 

  3. Rearrange, resize, and filter columns - Organize the metrics you care about the most.

  4. Copy and paste data - Specific data can now be transferred quickly to external applications by simply copying and pasting.

Who is impacted?

All users

Why is this important?

Enhances the user experience to make it flexible for users to customize how they want to view their data.