What’s changing?

Cracking loan tapes is a tedious and manual process that takes up hours of your time. We have made it easier to write formulas and functions to calculate values on your loan tapes. Whenever you create a new calculation, you will see a syntax tooltip appear as you type, helping you understand the dv01 syntax.

The dv01 syntax manual is also now available within the web app, enabling you to quickly browse all the functions and operations that dv01 supports without having to leave the application. 

  1. Syntax Tooltip - A helpful tooltip automatically appears as you type a new calculation, helping you familiarize yourself with the dv01 syntax.

  2. In-app Syntax Manual - Easily access the dv01 syntax manual within the web app. You can browse by category (Logical, Statistical, Math) or by typing within the search bar. 

Who is impacted?

All Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Makes it easier and faster to create calculations in Tape Cracker