What’s changing?

We have combined Steps 3 (Validate Data) and 4 (Apply Calculations) in the Tape Cracker workflow to make it more efficient to crack your loan tapes. You can now apply multiple calculations and formatting actions to your data within the same step, enabling you to quickly preview your newly cracked loan tape. 

To apply multiple calculations, simply click the “Manage Calculations” button and select your preferred calculations. If invalid data are detected because of calculations, you can quickly resolve issues by clicking a flagged Field Name, which will reveal a “Fix it” button. 

  1. Apply Multiple Calculations
    • Rather than selecting and applying calculations one by one, select all of the calculations

    • Then click a single button to apply all calculations simultaneously

  1. Fix Invalid Fields
    1. Click “Fix it” to prompt a field editor

    2. Select the format action(s) and apply

  1. Match Fields
    1. Click “Fix it” to prompt a field editor

    2. Map your source field to the standardized dv01 field

Who is impacted?

All Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Makes it easier and faster to create calculations in Tape Cracker