What’s changing?

While dv01 empowers users to convert data into actionable insights, the meanings of standardized fields may be a mystery to some, resulting in incorrect assumptions. To provide clarity and ensure accurate analyses, users can now access the dv01 Data Dictionary within the app without having to download the entire file. 

The dv01 Data Dictionary defines all dv01 standardized fields, as well as user-created custom fields; users can easily search, sort, and filter by field name, type, and format.  

  1. Access the dv01 Data Dictionary - Easily access by selecting the book icon within the "File Summary" section of steps 2 and 3. 

  1. Create and define a custom field within the dv01 Data Dictionary
    1. To create, select the “+” icon to prompt the custom form builder
    2. Complete the custom field details and select “Save Edits.”

Who is impacted?

All Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Understanding the dv01 standardized fields prevents confusion and ensures accurate analysis.