What’s changing?

While dv01 aims to standardize fields across the industry, you may want to store certain data under your unique business nomenclature. You can now do so by creating custom values for enum fields in Tape Cracker. Additionally, we have added a new Non-standard status within the data health bar, enabling you to see which fields has your custom enum values

  1. Create custom values for a defined value field 
    1. Select on a Defined-Values  field to prompt the Field Format Actions editor.

    2. Click on the value you want to standardize to prompt a dropdown. Click on “Create New Custom Enum Value” and type your custom value name.

    3. Select "Apply Format Actions" to save the changes to the tape.

  1. Non-standard data health status for defined value fields — You can now see how closely your data matches the dv01 schema.

Who is impacted?

All Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Makes defined value fields more flexible.