In Reports, users can create multiple high-level summary tables of the statistical data for the set of loans. Even more, users can export their summary tables for reporting purposes or for easy collaboration with colleagues. Also available in tape cracker.

How to:

1. Within the Reports page, click on the icon, select the Summary Table, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

2. Define data — Select a cell to customize.

  • Label: Choose Label to create a category name.
  • Aggregation: Choose Aggregation to select an existing Strat column to pull data from.

3. Creating a new aggregation — If a Strat column does not already exist, you can create a new aggregation on the fly. Once created, it is automatically added to your calculated column library for future use.

4. Save summary table — Once you’ve finalized your summary table, select Save Edits to render data.

5. Exports Easily make changes to your table or export via PDF or Excel.

See it in action:


Pivot Table