What’s changing?

We’ve integrated our cashflow engine into Tape Cracker, enabling you to run up to seven cashflow scenarios on your tapes. Since dv01 is a platform built on a common infrastructure, scenarios can be saved and loaded throughout our product lines. Note: In order to run cashflows, Current Actual Balance, Original Term, Current Gross Rate, and Loan Age must be matched. 

  1. Build cohorts — By default, all loans in your tape will be in one group. You can create additional cohorts based on field names.

  1. Determine assumptions — Forecast cashflows by specifying the rates of prepayment, default, delinquencies over a month, lag, severity, and forbearance recovery.

  1. Once assumptions are finalized, run your cashflow scenarios across all your cohorts.

Who is impacted?

All Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Allows you to run cashflow scenarios on your tape.