Validations can be used to perform data quality checks and evaluate credit worthiness through automated data validation rules. These rules can then be leveraged to isolate a group of loans from your original tape.

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Accessing Validations

Select a tape via My Tapes, ensure it has been saved, then click Filters on the top nav bar. The page view will default to Loan Tapes; simply click the Validations button to view/use your existing library of validations, and/or create a new rule.

Creating a New Rule

Click the Create New Validation button, which will open a drawer. Name the data validation being run, type in your formula, then click Save. If you need help, you can browse all available formula functions at the bottom of the drawer window.

Running Validations

Your new validation rule will now appear in the Validation Table. Select your desired rule(s), then click Add to the Queue and Run Validations. Your results will be displayed in a Pass/Fail format. 

At this point, you have a few options. You can choose to download your Report Summary or a Loan Level Report via the download icon next to the Remove Failing Loans button.