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dv01 provides a powerful query and calculation language, similar to Excel, to help you better analyze and understand your data. Our bespoke language (or "syntax") provides access to a variety of useful functions across the app, empowering you to focus on the loans that you are most interested in. 

Our language is continuously growing, as new functions are added to make sure that you can manipulate your data how you want. If you have questions or are looking for a function we currently don't have, please reach out at

Field Autocomplete and Function Helper 

When entering your formula, our editor has some additional features that you may find helpful. Our field autocomplete, which suggests a menu of available fields as you begin typing a field name, alongside our function helper, which appears when you begin typing a function. The helper will display how to use the function, along with a description.

In-App Formula Guide

If you don't know which functions are available or how to use a certain function, use our in-app formula guide, located below the formula editor. Here, you can browse all available functions, along with their descriptions and examples. You can view the complete list of functions via the button at the bottom of the screen (direct link found here). 


When editing a tape, use our language to create and apply calculations on your data to add or replace fields on the tape. Calculations can output any value that matches the type of the field being calculated. For example, if you are calculating Current Actual Balance, then your calculation must output a numerical value because Current Actual Balance is a currency field.

If you are creating a calculation while editing a tape in Tape Cracker, we also offer a preview of the results of your calculation (we are working on rolling out this preview functionality to filters and validations as well).

Filters and Validations 

The dv01 syntax is also used to create custom filter queries and validation rules. For both of these, your formula must output a true or false value. Loans that return true when evaluated by your formula will be included in your filter or pass your validation rule, while loans that return false will be excluded from your filter or fail your validation rule.

To create an advanced filter, select the Custom Filter Query menu option (located in the dropdown menu where you normally add preset filters). This will trigger a window with a list of previously created filters. Click the Create Custom Query button to open the editor window.

Validations are only available for Tape Cracker, and are created on the Validations page after selecting a tape. Custom filter queries are available for all datasets across all product lines.