What’s changing?

We’ve strengthened our partnership with HouseCanary, a nationwide brokerage and leading provider of residential real estate analytics and home valuation tools. Tape Cracker users can now append critical data points (updated property value, updated property value date, and updated LTV) to individual loans. To take advantage of this feature, A HouseCanary account is required and your tape must have address-level information matched.

How to:

  1. In order to access HouseCanary HPI data, you must first create an account. Contact sales@dv01.co to get started.
  2. Once your account is created, navigate to My Tapes. Identify your desired loan tape and click on the more icon . Then select Get Updated HouseCanary HPI Data

  1. To submit your request, your loan tape must be successfully cracked and the following fields must be matched: Loan IDProperty AddressCity, and State OR Loan IDProperty Address, and Zipcode

    Note: At this time, only one request per loan tape is supported. You will receive an email once your tape has been updated with HouseCanary HPI data. This may take a couple minutes. 

  1. Once your request is successfully completed, all appended HouseCanary HPI data can be seen within Edit Tape and will appear as a strat field.

Who is impacted?

All Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Users can now enrich their data with critical post-issuance data