What’s changing?

The Reports page is designed to help you organize and visualize data better, beyond just strats. That’s why we’re excited to announce two new features: sharing Tape Cracker reports through a secure link and generating summary tables.

Sharing Tapes

Within Tape Cracker, you can now share bid tapes and reports with strat, pivot, and summary tables through a secure link. Note: Protecting your data is of paramount importance to us, which is why we require link recipients to sign in. When a non-dv01 user views a report, they will be prompted to create a free dv01 account.

Simply save a report as a Saved View, navigate to My Tapes, click Share This Tape, and select your saved view along with your export settings. View the step-by-step instructions here

Summary Tables

You can now create and export summary tables using the statistical data for the set of loans. Within Reports, select Summary Table within the PAGE SETTINGS and define your data—either label or aggregation. 

If a Strat column does not already exist, you can create a new aggregation on the fly. Once created, it is automatically added to your calculated column library for future use. View the step-by-step instructions here.

Who is impacted?

All Users