What’s changing?

You can now bulk apply calculations more efficiently by selecting one or more customized calculation sets. We’ve also improved troubleshooting for failed calculations. 

Important Notes:

  • Tags have been renamed Calculation Sets to better reflect the expanded capabilities.
  • Calculations in a set will run from top to bottom; simply click and drag to reorder the calculations in your queue before applying them.
  • New calculations added to your queue in the New Calculation drawer will be added to the end of the list. You can make permanent changes to your calculation sets (such as adding, removing, or reordering calculations) within the Calculation Library.

Calculation Sets

Calculation sets save you the headache of manually applying and reordering the same calculations each time you edit a tape. You can create and edit calculation sets from the Calculation Library; simply select your desired calculations, establish the order in which they should run, then save. You can run your saved sets when bulk applying calculations within Standardize, including the ability to stack multiple sets together.

Calculation Queue

To apply multiple calculations across your tape, simply add them to the Calculation Queue. You can load your calculation queue in two ways: by importing one or more calculation sets; and/or by browsing all calculations and manually selecting them to add to the queue. 

Troubleshooting Failed Calculations

When calculations fail, a new Status column helps you visualize which calculations need attention. Additionally, you can now fix calculation errors in one place, instead of selecting each individual row; click the Fix Errors button within the red status bar at the top of the table to open the drawer.

Who is impacted?

Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Calculation sets save you time and the headache of applying the same calculations each time you edit a tape.