What’s changing?


Charting performance over time—by As of MonthDeal Age, and Loan Age—can now be done from a single web page (Analysis). Previously, performance charts were configured across three separate web pages (Historical AnalysisDeal Age Analysis and Loan Age Analysis). 


Note: This functionality can be found across the web app (SecuritizationsPortfolio Surveillance, and Intelligence)

How to:

  1. Navigate to the new page: Securitization/Portfolio Surveillance/Intelligence > Performance/Performance Compare > Analysis

  2. To configure the chart, select Chart Settings > Edit Charts to prompt a user panel

  3. Set your x-axis (As Of Month, Loan Age, Deal Age) and any other performance metrics to analyze. Save changes to render the chart and data table.

Who is impacted?

All Securitizations, Portfolio Overview and Market Surveillance users


Why is this important?

Consolidating steps to allow users to analyze performance metrics from a single interface improves the overall user experience.



dv01 support: Analyzing Performance with Deal Age, Loan Age, and Historical Analysis