What’s changing?

Enhance your analysis in Portfolio Surveillance with calculated fields. Users can now create and apply their own calculations to build new metrics. The newly created fields are stored within users’ Calculation Library, allowing calculated fields to be used across dv01’s Portfolio Surveillance and Tape Cracker offerings.

 The calculated fields can be used as Strats and can be referenced while creating Custom Columns.

Note: Calculated fields will appear in the exported loan tape. 

How to:

  1. Navigate to Portfolio Surveillance and go to the Reports page or the Loan Tape page

  1. Click on the Create New Calculation button. Choose your Dictionary and Field Name you would like the calculation applied to.  Write out your desired calculation and click the Create New Calculation button to save.

Click on the Apply Calculated Field button. Choose the calculations you would like to use or see on your dataset. Note that you can change the order of how your calculations are applied within the Transformation Queue.

  1. On Reports, you can now reference your calculated field as a strat or while creating a new column. Your calculations will be applied to your Loan Tape Export which you can access through the  Loan Tape page.

Who is impacted?

All Portfolio Surveillance users

Why is this important?

This is in line with dv01’s vision to make analyzing your data more flexible and configurable.