The Collateral Strats page displays an array of stratification tables for the selected platform/pool(s). These default "primary" strat tables can be edited, added to, or removed; we also offer the option to utilize two additional levels of detail breakdown, called secondary stratification and tertiary stratification. 

Collateral Strats are available to use with single platforms/pools under the Loan Attributes tab in Securitizations, Market Surveillance, and Portfolio Management. It can be found on its own tab within our Intelligence offering for use in evaluating multiple platforms/pools.


  • The selection of columns in each strat table can be configured and re-ordered according to preference; see Custom Column Selection. 
  • To configure the band sizes applied to quantitative attributes such as DTI, FICO, and loan coupon (GWAC), see Custom Stratification Bucketing. 
  • To remove a strat table, click the red 'X' in the strat attribute "pill".  
  • To add an additional strat table, click the '+' button and select the attribute to strat by from the dropdown menu. (Note that dropdown menus throughout dv01's platform support typeahead indexing, enabling use of the keyboard to rapidly scroll to the desired item.) 
  • To add an additional sub-strat detail breakdown to all of the strat tables, replicate the steps above. 


  • To export all strat tables, click the "All PDF" or "All Excel" link in the Settings card. 
  • To export individual strat tables, click the "All PDF" or "All Excel" link that corresponds to your desired table.