The Portfolio Surveillance landing page will default to all your portfolio pools; to change the pool, check out our article on using pool selector. Each chart follows your custom bucketing settings (if applicable), with each wedge of the chart representing a single bucket. The size of the wedge is the proportion of the balance of the delinquent loans that are in that bucket (versus the balance of all delinquent loans). Full detail is provided by hovering over each wedge.

Pool Overview

Pool Overview provides a quick summary overview of the selected pool. The specific view of this card will depend on the makeup of the current pool, and whether it contains multiple portfolios or platforms. The “As Of Date” dropdown on this card allows you to look at data as of any past date, while the “Group By” dropdown summarizes the data according to the chosen grouping, providing summaries across data potentially merged from multiple pools.

Delinquency by Stage

Delinquency by Stage shows the delinquency status of all loans across the currently active pool(s). The donut chart shows the current delinquency breakdown, while the right sidebar chart shows the history of the delinquency breakdown by month. Both of these charts have hover functionality to display more detail.

Portfolio Over Time 

The Portfolio Size graph is the top graph in this card and displays the outstanding balance over time. The lower graph, Funding By Month, presents the balance of loans added to the pool on a month by month basis. As with Position Overview, you can select the grouping to use on this card via the “Group By” dropdown.