Using Tape Cracker

Before You Get Started

  • Chrome is the only browser supported by Tape Cracker
  • Imported tapes are shared between users across your organization; anything you import will be automatically accessible.
  • Tape Cracker will remember your preferences from previous data files, and our machine learning algorithm ensures that our application is constantly learning and improving the accuracy of its predictions over time. This means that Tape Cracker will automatically re-map the same fields across different tapes, saving you time.
  • Any calculations created by you or users within your organization will be accessible for all users across all tapes. Because the field names and field data contained across different loan tape files are variable, some calculations may be valid/applicable for some tapes and invalid/not applicable for other tapes.
  • After a tape is imported and saved, the data will be available for use in Tape Cracker Strats and can be configured and exported via tape Export, with more tools available soon.

My Tapes

After successfully uploading and cracking your first loan tape, your default view will be of the My Tapes page, which displays a detailed table of all tapes uploaded by users within your organization. The tapes in this table are shared across your entire organization, so you will have access to the tapes that other uses have uploaded.

From this table, you can access the various tools available for an uploaded tape, including editing, exporting, copying the actions from the tape to another, joining two tapes together, and deleting tapes.

Importing A Tape 

To import a new tape, you can either select Import Tape in the navigation bar, or you can hit the Upload New Tape button in the top right corner of the My Tapes table. Either action will open a drawer on the right hand side of the screen. Select which file you would like to upload, then then hit the Save and Go To File button in the top right corner, which will upload the file and take you to Edit Mode.

These are the file upload guidelines for the tapes you would like to upload: 

  • Please make sure column headers are in the first row
  • 75MB file size maximum
  • Only .CSV, .XLS, and .XLSX (excluding Strict Open XML Spreadsheet) file types accepted
  • Only use .CSV file types when uploading large format tapes
  • Only the sheet with most cells will be uploaded
  • Do not upload PII (Personally Identifiable Information)