The Consumer Unsecured Benchmark aggregates and anonymizes platform-level datasets available on dv01, allowing users to easily compare individual deals, portfolios, and platforms against a cohesive reference point. By leveraging the benchmark, issuers and investors can identify origination trends, analyze consumer behavior, and assess loan characteristics across the sector.

Access the benchmark now within the dv01 app by navigating to the Intelligence section and searching for Consumer Unsecured Benchmark within the Pool Selector filter, or select it under the Surveillance section at the top of the list under the MPL/CU tab:

*The dataset is filtered down to exclude certain outliers that either skew the composition of the dataset, or make certain issuers easily-identifiable, including loans originated prior to 2014.  Please note, as of the April 2022 (data through March 2022 month-end) update, loans with varying terms (not just 36 and 60 months) and original balances greater than $45,000 are no longer excluded.