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Saved Views offer a great way to create and store configurations that fit your specific needs and access them easily upon each visit.  


dv01 supports Saved Views on the Strats, and Deal Age / Loan Age / Historical Analysis pages, as well as their Intelligence variants for comparison purposes and use on Market Surveillance datasets.  Once you save and / or apply a Saved View, it will apply to whatever dataset(s) you have selected.

Creating and Accessing a Saved View

Saved Views are available at the top right of each table and chart on support pages.  Once you configure the specific page to your liking, click the Save This View button and provide a descriptive name for your view:

To access saved views, simply click the Saved Views button and select your view by clicking Apply Saved View:

The name of our selected view will show up under the Current View section:

Note: For creating and saving filters and pools, please refer to this article.

Pre-Loaded dv01 Saved Views

dv01 has pre-loaded several Saved Views to help you get started.  You'll find the following views available in your environment now, starting with the [dv01] tag to help differentiate between our suggestions and any views you may have saved previously.

  • [dv01] All Mod Strats - Mod Date Substrat: An example Strats view for all modification fields available on dv01.
  • [dv01] %DQ, Mod, and Impairment by Orig. Fields: An example Strats view to analyze the individual components and overall metric of % Impaired on dv01.
  • [dv01] Impairment Rate by Original Term, GWAC: An example Performance Analysis view to demonstrate how to use % Impaired on the Performance pages.