What’s changing?

Tape Cracker filtering enables you to isolate a smaller group of loans from the original loan tape. Additionally, as we continue to expand our tool offerings within Tape Cracker, we’ve updated the navigation bar to make it easier to locate new features.

Important Notes:

  • Saving a filtered loan tape will override the original file. You can revert these changes by clearing all pills in the Pool Filters menu, and then saving your tape.

  • All applied filters will appear in the Pool Filters bar; you can view the corresponding loans by clicking each filter pill to open a drawer.

  • Blacklisted loans will always be removed from the pool and will be excluded when running reports, cashflows, and tape exports; Whitelisted loans will always be included.

Updated Navigation Bar

We have renamed Edit Tape to Standardize, but you will still access Field Matching and Data Wrangling tools from here. Additionally, Filter has replaced Validations in the nav bar, as validation rules now exist within the Filter tool.

Loan Filtering

You can filter your loan pool in two ways: by manually selecting individual loans (using our blacklisting & whitelisting features); and/or by running validation rules and then removing loans that failed the applied validation rules.

When loans are manually selected and removed, they will become “blacklisted” loans; you can view this list by clicking the Blacklisted Loans pill that appears in the Pool Filters bar, which will open a drawer.

To add blacklisted loans back into the list of Loans in New Pool, make your selections within the drawer, then click Add Back to New Pool.

Run a validation rule to remove all failing loans in one click; these loans will appear in the Pool Filters bar under the Removed All Failing Loans filter. 

If there are specific loans you’d like to add back into your pool, simply click the filter pill to open the list, then make your selections. Loans that have been re-added from a Failing Loans filter will appear in the Pool Filters bar in the Whitelisted Loans filter pill.

To view all loans that have been removed from the pool regardless of method, switch the secondary toggle bar from Loans in New Pooto Removed Loans. Use the checkboxes to manually move loans between the two lists.

Who is impacted?

Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Filtering make it easier to drill down into the loans you care about the most