What’s changing?

Configure date formats, field names and defined field values of loan tapes within the Loan Tape Export page. Even more, save valuable time by creating export templates for future use. This feature is now available across the web app. 



How to:

  1. Navigate to the Loan Tape page within Securitizations, Portfolio Surveillance or Intelligence, and select either the Loan Tape Export tab or download button. .

Customize Fields: Format dates (the default is YYYY-MM-DD), rates and ratios (the default is Decimal) from the dropdown menu. Rename the default dv01 Field Name by updating the corresponding field under Exported Field Name.  

  1. Customize Defined Value Fields: Rename the default defined value fields (e.g., Current Loan Status, Modified Indicator, Current Occupancy) by updating the corresponding field. 

  2. Saved Templates: To create an export template, simply name the template and select the Save As New Template button.

Who is impacted?

All Securitization, Portfolio Surveillance and Market Surveillance users

Why is this important?

Configuring exports makes importing data for internal reporting easier and faster.