What’s changing?

Tape Cracker’s pattern recognition is going one step further. Tape Cracker users can now apply data transformation actions (field matching, format actions, and calculations) from a previously cracked loan tape to a newly uploaded tape file.

Important Notes:

  • A data dictionary must be selected in order for Tape Cracker to apply data transformations to the newly uploaded file. 

  • Tape Cracker will rank previously cracked loan tapes based on file similarities. Alternatively, you can browse your cracked loan tapes and select the appropriate file that Tape Cracker should copy and apply data transformation actions from. 

  • After applying a data transformation recipe, users will be directed to Data Wrangling to review and troubleshoot any errors.

Who is impacted?

Tape Cracker users

Why is this important?

Data transformation recipes make your workflow more efficient, giving you more time for strategic decision making.